Little Rick's Story

107 million years ago, a giant supernova exploded near planet earth and gave every dinosaur the trippiest of light shows. But anyway.

Skip to 106 million 999 thousands years later and Little Rick was born! Not in a hospital. But on a kitchen table in Wimbledon. Where someone had the bright idea of putting cannabinoids into a can and drinking it. Wonder what the dinosaurs would think about that.

Now Little Rick had one mission. To make every single human being on the planet open their minds to CBD and become the most relaxed version of themselves. So relaxed that they just stop everything.

Just back to the dinosaurs for a second. If a T-Rex has really tiny arms how does it scratch it’s nose?

But as we were saying. When Little Rick told his Mum he was creating full spectrum CBD in a can with no hangover she said, that’s nice dear. And it is nice.

People sometimes ask us how we got real fruit into our cannabinoid cans. They also sometimes ask us if the real fruit picks on the unreal fruit. But that’s another story.

To this day Little Rick has been opening minds nation wide. We could go on but who knows where we would end up. 

The end. Or is this the beginning?