From CBD-infused Cocktails to Quirky Wall Decor: Fun Features to Include in Your Modern Bar

Although traditional pubs are still adored by many, there’s nothing like getting all dressed up and heading out to a bar. Great music, delicious cocktails and a lively atmosphere make spending the evening in a bar all the more fun! As the owner of a bar, you’ll also know there’s nothing better than watching your punters have a great evening. 


However, with so many bars lining our high streets, it can become difficult to stand out. It’s a competitive market, so making sure your bar has a brilliant atmosphere is essential. There are many great ways to do this, from refreshing your cocktail menu to livening up your interior design, which we discuss below. No matter what style of bar you run or your budget, we’ve got an idea for you.


Choose alternative seating styles 


One great way to update your bar is to switch up your seating. Your guests will love being able to sit in themed booths or on quirky bar stools, and this will certainly enhance the ambience of your establishment and add a fun novelty factor. 


The type of seating you opt for will depend on the style or theme of your bar, but you can be as creative as you like. For instance, if you run a sports bar, you could opt for circular booth seating and armchairs facing the television screens. However, if you run a fun cocktail bar, you could suspend swing seating from the ceiling or arrange stools around the bar to let customers watch the mixing process.


Experiment with different tables


In addition to your seating, don’t forget to be creative with your tables. The tables you offer will depend on the theme of your bar, but fun and alternative ideas include:


  • Wooden barrels
  • Wire spools
  • Bathtubs sealed with a glass top
  • Wall-mounted tables
  • Polished tree trunks.


There are many different styles available, giving you the chance to be as bold or subtle as you like with your table designs. Don’t forget to accessorise them with quirky lampshades, candles and a cocktail menu. 

Fix suspended ceiling tiles


Installing suspended ceiling tiles is a great way to change the interior of your bar dramatically without having to update the rest of the room. These are a great option no matter what type of bar you run; suspended ceiling grids give you lots of design flexibility, allowing you to transform the ceiling of your establishment with gorgeous lights, plants or decorative panels.


Decorate with neon signs


Today, it’s more important than ever before to make sure your modern bar is social media-ready. Social media will be your best marketing platform, especially if your customers are constantly snapping pictures of your bar and posting them online. For this reason, it’s important to make your bar ‘Instagrammable’ - and what better way to do so than by mounting neon signs to your walls?


Your guests will love posing next to funny or motivational quotes, especially when they’re lit up in bright neon colours such as pink and green. It’s surprising what a difference these small features can make, so don’t hold back on funky wall decor.


Hang interesting wall art


On a similar note, interesting wall art is a great way to capture your customers’ attention. The wall art you opt for will depend on the type of bar you run, but there are many options to explore. For instance:


  • If you run a travel-themed bar, you could mount a selection of world maps
  • For a Prohibition-themed speakeasy, frame photographs of flapper girls or newspaper clippings from the 1920s
  • If you run a CBD-themed bar, you could opt for hemp leaf-themed wall graphics with leaf-shaped fairy lights to match.


There are lots of different ideas, so it’s all about being creative! 

Create a feature wall


Another great way to encourage your customers to take lots of snaps in your bar is to create a picturesque feature wall. If your customers can pose for pictures in front of a beautiful wall, you’ll soon make a name for yourself on Instagram and other social media networks. 


Not sure what kind of feature wall to opt for? Creative ideas include:


  • A plant wall: Leafy green plants are the perfect backdrop for any bar, so consider creating a plant-filled feature wall for your customers to enjoy. You could opt for fake plants if you’re on a budget, but real plants will smell and look better.
  • A flower wall: If you run a cocktail bar, you may want to opt for a colourful flower wall to enhance your theme. These have grown in popularity lately and it’s no surprise why! 
  • Exposed bricks: If you want to keep it simple and understated, opt for a feature wall of exposed bricks. These are ideal for bars with an industrial or minimalist theme.


There are many great ideas to opt for, depending on your theme and preferred tastes! 

Serve your drinks in funky glasses 


One simple yet effective way to refresh your bar is to update the glasses you use. Serving your drinks in a selection of quirky glasses is a great way to inject personality into your establishment. For instance, you could use:


  • Gold-rimmed tumblers
  • Champagne flutes
  • Mason jars
  • Highball glasses
  • Old-fashioned crystal tumblers.


If you run a particularly quirky bar, you could also experiment with more alternative glasses and cups. For example, how about serving cocktails in mugs or even hollowed out pineapples? The possibilities are endless. 

Mix up a selection of delectable cocktails


If your bar doesn’t sell cocktails, it’s time to switch things up a bit! Every great bar should have a delicious cocktail menu, and with so many incredible blends to whip up, there are themed drinks for every bar. Of course, you could serve traditional cocktails such as Mojitos and Cosmopolitans, but if you want to stand out amongst your competitors, you’ll need to think of something truly unique.


One great way to give your bar a unique edge is to offer CBD-infused cocktails. With so many delicious options available, including CBD-infused Pina Coladas, Prosecco Spritz and Mint Juleps, you are sure to impress your customers with refreshing drinks and a relaxing experience. 


Serving CBD-infused cocktails is not only a great way to make your bar stand out, but it’s also a brilliant way to give your customers the best possible evening. The benefits of CBD have been well-documented, so it’s a good idea to embrace the trend as soon as possible. To make sure your CBD-infused cocktails are both delicious and effective, make sure to source a trusted supplier of revitalising CBD blends, such as Little Rick. 


Serve a selection of themed bar snacks


If you have the resources and capabilities to do so, you may want to consider offering a bar snack menu. Your menu could include simple snacks such as olives, peanuts and even popcorn, but make sure to compensate with beautiful bowls and plates to match your decor.


For a modern twist, how about selling a selection of CBD-themed snacks? CBD has become incredibly popular in recent years, so serving CBD-infused brownies, cupcakes or gummy sweets could be a great way to tap into your target market and offer something a little different. 

Offer a stack of board games


A fun way to liven up your customers’ night is to offer a stockpile of board games. These are sure to entertain your guests and make your bar their chosen hangout spot. To make sure the bright packaging of well-known board games doesn’t distract from your bar’s interior, repackage them into themed boxes and print out laminated instruction cards. 

Experiment with lighting styles


Creating the perfect ambience is essential to every successful cocktail bar, and there’s no better way to do so than by experimenting with lighting. Some of our favourite lighting styles for modern bars include:


  • Exposed light bulbs: Chic, stylish and understated, exposed light bulbs are a top pick for bars with a rustic or industrial feel.
  • Chandeliers: If your bar is all about glitz and glamour, how about making a statement with a gorgeous chandelier? 
  • Fairy lights: For an undeniably charming look, how about stringing up reams of fairy lights? You could string these through your suspended ceiling panels or along the top of your drinks cabinet.


Depending on the look you’re trying to achieve, you could even position quirky lamps around your bar. Don’t forget to pop a candle on each table for some extra ambience.


Mix up a selection of CBD cocktails with Little Rick drinks


Are you hoping to liven up your contemporary bar with a menu of refreshing CBD-themed cocktails? If yes, then you needn’t look further than Little Rick for all the inspiration you need. Our drinks are packed with the highest legal limit of CBD, CBC and CBG and are blended with a selection of fruity flavours, making them the most delicious and effective cannabinoid-infused drinks on the market. 


With three delectable flavours, including Raspberry Coconut, Mint & Lime and Pina, Little Rick drinks are the perfect ingredient for every great CBD-infused cocktail. For more information about our sparkling cannabinoid drinks or to browse our online shop, please don’t hesitate to browse our website today. 

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