The UK allows 1mg THC drinks, why not 2mg?

Little Rick is known up and down the country for its delicious relaxing CBD drinks, but we could create even better drinks( I know it’s hard to believe) if our hands weren't tied by regulation. 

We understand that the Government plays an important role to protect its citizens, and we understand the risks of complete deregulation. For us, the ideal world would have current regulation relaxed & removed on all cannabis.

What is completely reprehensible to us is the current state of alcoholic drinks, and the UK governments contrasting distaste to cannabis - a plant which is becoming increasingly accepted around the globe. Even Thailand, where death sentences have been handed out has now made a huge U-turn legalising the crop.

In 2018, the WHO reported that alcohol contributed to more than 200 diseases and injury-related health conditions. You can read about it here . So if alcohol is legal why wouldn’t the government allow THC in a drink, a much safer option? We would suggest to start with a low, controlled dose, such as 2mg, which would be similar to one pint of beer, for comparisons sake. Right now, the regulation of CBD and other cannabinoids are in their starting phases. Information is confusing for manufacturers and even more confusing for their users.

The core reason for this is that two different categories of government need to regulate CBD.
1) The Food Safety Authority
2) The Home office

Technically right now, the home office allows a drink with up to 1mg of THC - if not advertised and non-detectable - however the FSA & AMCD is still determining their exact criteria and we are expected to see some developments in their regulation and standards. Regardless of our history, we want to propose a different route for the future of cannabis, which makes more sense to us.

Most of the west is advancing with smokeable or vape-able flower, which are linked to respiratory diseases. It’s remarkable that governments are legalising flowers first. Wouldn’t a safer strategy be to allow edibles or drinks at small and regulated doses?

As such, we at Little Rick want to propose the following to the UK: Allow drinks to contain up to 2mg of controlled drugs (including THC, CBN). We believe it's the perfect amount and could have the following benefits:

1) Allows customers to go to a pub, and realistically replace alcohol with THC drinks which could have a similar inebriation as alcohol.
2) It could allow safe dosing for customers.
3) It could be strong enough for medical use without overpowering users.
4) It could disincentivise smoking
5) It could reduce drinking and reduce health risks associated with it. In our opinion it’s the only logical way to start legalisation.

As such we have started a petition and we hope that there is a response which focuses on this exact response.