Investor Relationships

We are currently building out the Infrastructure to cater for the massive expected growth in the cananbinoid drinks market in the UK. 

This includes both CBD, THC and CBN with application in wellness, recreational and medical markets. We are offering our know-how and infrastructure to partner with new and upcoming brands.

If you are a qualified investor, and interested in investing into the upcoming cannabis drinks market both in the UK & overseas send us an email at


Will I get high if I drink the cans?

Only if you stand on a step, or maybe someone's shoulders.

Do you use real fruit?

Yes. Unreal fruit is so up itself.

Who is Little Rick?

This is the exact question the judge asked after hearing a convoluted tale involving a goat, a yacht and little Rick. But that's another story.

Will my mind really open?

Yes. Unless you put up a closed sign.

Will I be hungover?

Not unless you specifically ask to be hung over something or somebody.