Little Rick's Story


We are Little Rick, a Wimbledon based, cannabis company specialising in uniquely relaxing & uplifting beverages.

Little Rick is your everyday sidekick to keep you balanced and help you enjoy the little things.

Packed with naturally occurring cannabinoids, we aren't messing around. You'll get what your after with quality ingredients, great taste and unrivaled dosage.

No Gimmicks. No Nonsense. 

On top of being the tastiest, high strength drink out there, this perky companion has your health in mind:

-We keep calories low.
-We make our drinks with real fruit juice and natural flavours. 

... & we know you'll thank us for not giving you a hangover!

Our products are produced and sourced in the United Kingdom, keeping our carbon footprint low and our British industries in business. 

We produce our drinks in cans, which is the least energy consuming container to produce and distribute, plus they are widely recycled too! Cans also help to preserve the cannabinoids, which can degrade in direct sunlight.


Will I get high if I drink the cans?

Only if you stand on a step, or maybe someone's shoulders.

Do you use real fruit?

Yes. Unreal fruit is so up itself.

Who is Little Rick?

This is the exact question the judge asked after hearing a convoluted tale involving a goat, a yacht and little Rick. But that's another story.

Will my mind really open?

Yes. Unless you put up a closed sign.

Will I be hungover?

Not unless you specifically ask to be hung over something or somebody.