Top Tips for Serving CBD in Your Bar or Restaurant

If you own a bar or restaurant, you might be wondering how you can stand out from what is usually a crowded industry; particularly in large cities. Finding your niche amongst the competition is vital to survive and thrive, so why not try infusing CBD into some of your food and drink? There are some excellent and interesting ways that you can achieve this; here is a brief guide on how to serve CBD at your establishment.

Infusing CBD Into Cocktails

One of the best ways to introduce CBD into your bar or restaurant is to offer a menu of CBD-infused cocktails for your customers to enjoy. With a bit of creativity, you can produce stunning cocktails which utilise the ingredients of traditional cocktails with the addition of CBD. 


To give you an example, we’ve created a few ideas to get you started. Why not try our little Rick Spritz - made of 50% little Rick Raspberry Coconut and 50% Prosecco. Alternatively, you could mix up a little Rick Colada - made of little Rick Pina, white rum, coconut milk and blended with ice. Finally, our little Rick Mojito is made from little Rick Mint & Lime with white rum a dash of lemon and crushed ice.

Serving Your Cocktails

You could make your cocktails stand out even more with some creative serving and presentation ideas. Although CBD contains no THC (the chemical which gets you high), you could make things interesting by serving your cocktail in a small glass bong - a traditional smoking implement.


Other ideas might include branding the name of your bar or restaurant onto garnishing citrus fruit peels, using fire and sparklers or carving ice cubes into weird and wonderful shapes.

CBD Snacks

You could also create CBD-infused snacks to provide alongside drinks at your cafe, bar or restaurant. What else could be better than sitting down with a CBD-infused latte with some CBD nibbles to accompany in the comfort of a relaxing cafe?


On the menu, you could include CBD broth, CBD brownies or muffins, CBD infused sandwiches or wraps, CBD wafers or CBD chocolate truffles.

On Trend

CBD is a fast-growing trend these days and can help you increase your footfall as well as add an element of intrigue to your business. The interesting ways which you can introduce CBD onto the menu at your establishment could be a defining factor which sets you apart from the rest.

Little Rick: Using Naturally Occurring Cannabinoids To Help You Relax

Little Rick is a drink which uses naturally occurring cannabinoids to help you unwind. Used as an alternative to alcohol or as an accompaniment in cocktails, Little Rick is one of the best cannabinoid drinks on the market.


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