The Positive Effects of CBD on Body Confidence

It goes without saying, that your body is worthy of love, care, and compassion. Think about how much your body does for you on a daily basis. Something as simple as getting you from A to B or your lungs filling with air as you take your first deep breath in the morning, our bodies are remarkable vessels that deserve to be cherished. 


If while reading this you suddenly feel a little bit uncomfortable or are internally rolling your eyes, the chances are that perhaps you are not totally comfortable with your body. Well if this is the case then you are certainly not alone. A UK study conducted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group found that two-thirds of adults suffer from negative body image. Previously this was characterised as a women’s issue but it really is no lie that people of all genders struggle with body image.


Here in this blog, we outline a couple of ways that people say CBD can be utilised to increase your body confidence. 

Common Causes of Low Self-Esteem

Firstly, its crucial to realise the main triggers that can harm an individuals self-esteem. There is an overall consensus among therapists that an individuals childhood can have a massive impact on people’s self-esteem throughout their lives and also for many, social media is a trigger for low self-esteem. 

CBD Can Aid Acne And Poor Skin 

When you’re a teenager, few things are more unpleasant than getting up in the morning and seeing a giant red spot on your face. And as lots of us have come to understand (much to our disappointment and irritation) acne or spots don’t always disappear as you get older. Bad skin isn’t fatal, however, that doesn’t make it feel any less depressing when your face is the one coated in blemishes. This is a reason why CBD’s ability to soothe acne could be a major benefit for people with low self-esteem. Its anti-inflammatory components mean that it can reduce the redness and visibility of pimples. 

CBD Can Reduce Anxiety

Perhaps the most apparent popularity CBD’s newfound appeal is its ability to decrease anxiety without the majorly impactful side effects. Unlike obvious medications, it’s non-toxic and does not have the risk of addiction. Another great thing is perhaps that, it won’t cloud your mind or make you feel like rubbish as it has no psychoactive properties.

CBD Can Promote Restful Sleep

The main reason CBD encourages you to sleep better isn’t that it knocks you out in the evening, but the fact that it keeps you awake throughout the day. Human’s have a natural sleep-wake cycle. This can be disrupted when we feel anxious, which is why some people stay up all night stressed about work while others take unintentional stress naps in the day when it all becomes a bit too much to handle. Neither of these is particularly healthy but CBD can help.


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