Interesting CBD-infused Products Being Sold Around the World

There’s no denying that cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has taken the world by storm. From the first CBD-based medicines being approved by the NHS to Kim Kardashian’s CBD-themed baby shower, CBD is everywhere - and for good reason, too. The chemical compound has been celebrated by people across the world and in many different industries, with its anxiety and pain-relieving qualities making it an increasingly popular natural remedy.


For this reason, CBD has been infused into many different products across the globe. Demand for these products only seems to be increasing, which isn’t surprising when you consider the long list of health benefits it has been linked to. Here, we take a look at some of the most interesting CBD-infused products you’ll find on shelves across the world!

CBD burgers


While you may have heard of CBD oil or CBD-infused face cream, you may be surprised by the concept of a cannabidiol burger. In fact, CBD burgers are definitely one of the most unusual products available! Nevertheless, this is exactly what Carl’s Jr., a fast-food restaurant in Los Angeles, trialled in April 2019. The restaurant infused CBD into their signature burger sauce in a bid to see how customers would respond and is looking to see whether or not it could become a permanent menu option.

CBD toilet paper 


Many people look for soft alternatives to standard wood fibre or recycled paper toilet paper, so it’s no surprise that hemp loo roll has become popular; as a plant with naturally soft fibres, hemp toilet paper makes for a kinder alternative to many well-known brands. On top of this, hemp toilet paper is also kinder to the planet! It’s biodegradable and recyclable and has therefore caught the eye of people looking to adopt more sustainable habits.

CBD sweets


For those of us with a sweet tooth, CBD-infused sweets could be the ideal way to experience the full benefits of the cannabinoid. There are many different types available, from CBD gummies to infused chocolates, each produced to help you unwind and sleep better. CBD-infused gummies are also said to carry a range of other health benefits, such as brightening your skin and helping your body recover after exercise, but it all depends on the brand in question and how much cannabidiol has been used. 

CBD toothpicks


That’s right - CBD-infused toothpicks are now on the market! Designed and produced by a company called Ignite, these CBD toothpicks are designed to help you keep your teeth clean while encouraging the absorption of cannabidiol into your bloodstream. You release the compounds by chewing the toothpicks, and the idea is that they’ll provide relief from any tooth pain you’re experiencing.

CBD cream and moisturiser 


Cannabidiol has become a popular ingredient in many skincare products and beauty cosmetics which is due to the fact it’s been associated with anti-ageing and anti-inflammation. As a result, CBD is commonly used as a treatment for acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. For this reason, many skincare brands now use CBD as an ingredient in their creams and moisturisers which can be applied directly to the skin. From day cream to muscle balm, there are many different types of creams and moisturisers which use cannabidiol as a primary ingredient. 

CBD bath bombs


If you love nothing more than running a hot bubble bath, you’ll be pleased to know that CBD-infused bath bombs now exist. As we’ve mentioned, CBD is commonly used as an ingredient in cosmetics due to its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, making it an ideal component for use in bath bombs. CBD-infused bath bombs are also designed to help people get to sleep at night, by relaxing muscle pain and softening your skin, making them ideal for use just before bed. 

CBD dog treats


Could your furry friend benefit from a little extra relaxation? If yes, you’ll be pleased to hear that CBD dog treats are now on the market. With research suggesting a link between cannabidiol and pain and anxiety relief, it is no surprise that dedicated pet owners are now turning to hemp-derived supplements for their animal friends. CBD has also been associated with a reduction in inflammation and joint pain, which are two ailments commonly diagnosed in active dogs. 


For this reason, companies such as Canna-Pet have produced CBD oil capsules and hemp-infused biscuits for dogs, alongside other CBD supplements for cats and horses.

CBD crisps


While CBD gummies have become particularly popular on the high street, you may be surprised to read that cannabidiol crisps are also available. It has been proven that ingesting CBD is the most effective way to reap its benefits, and with crisps being one of the world’s best-loved snacks, there’s no tastier way to enjoy cannabidiol. There are plenty of different flavours available for you to enjoy, so whether you’re a fan of cheese and onion or ready salted, you’re bound to find the perfect savoury snack for you. 


CBD coffee


As we live in a world of coffee drinkers, it’s not surprising that cannabinoid-infused coffee is perhaps the most common CBD product on the market. Cafes, bars and restaurants across the globe have been experimenting with different ways of including cannabinoids on their menu, and brewing delicious CBD lattes and cappuccinos is an innovative way to do so. 


Surprisingly, CBD coffee has become particularly well-liked by people with higher levels of anxiety. While people who deal with stress and anxiety are often encouraged to decrease their caffeine intake, some people have reported feeling the relaxing effects of cannabidiol alongside the alertness associated with drinking coffee. 

CBD clothing


Could CBD-infused clothing take over the fashion industry? It’s certainly possible, with brands such as Devan Chemicals infusing cannabidiol into their textiles. The aim has been to create clothing that acts as a sleep aid, with the CBD breaking down and becoming absorbed by the skin when the clothes are worn. 


Currently, the scientific research in this area is limited, and it’s therefore unclear whether or not cannabinoid-infused clothing could compete with products such as CBD-infused drinks and gummies. Despite this, it’s certainly interesting to see such innovative uses of cannabidiol, and it might not be long until cannabidiol-infused clothing hits the high street. 


CBD toothpaste


We’ve spoken about CBD toothpicks, but how do you feel about cannabinoid toothpaste? The premise is fairly similar; with cannabidiol toothpaste, you can keep your pearly whites clean while benefiting from the compound’s pain and stress-relieving properties. In recent years, more and more companies have experimented with cannabis infusions but this particular product is set to shake up the oral hygiene market significantly. 

CBD mocktails


Drinking a CBD mocktail may be a great way to perk yourself up on a hectic day, but how do you like to relax afterwards? If you love nothing more than sitting down after a busy day of work or study with a drink in hand, then a cannabinoid-infused mocktail is the ideal treat for you. With all the taste and refreshment of an alcoholic drink but without the horrible hangover, CBD-infused mocktails are the perfect drink for people looking to unwind.


Many people assume that cannabidiol drinks have a strange or unpleasant taste, but with the right flavourings, this doesn’t have to be true! In fact, there are many ways to flavour CBD drinks to make sure they are both delicious and refreshing. Little Rick does this perfectly, with three delectable flavours to choose from: Raspberry Coconut, Mint & Lime and Piña. Which one would you choose?


Little Rick Drinks: Delicious cannabinoid drinks blended with relaxation in mind


For the taste of true relaxation, try the Little Rick range of delectable cannabinoid mocktails. Expertly blended with fresh ingredients and the highest legal limits of CBD, CBG and CBC, we believe our mocktails are the most refreshing and unwinding drinks on the planet! We know there’s nothing better than coming home and relaxing on the sofa with a beverage in hand, which is why we’ve put our heads together to mix the perfect accompaniment to your evening. 


To make sure you feel the full effects of our cannabinoid drinks, we’ve blended them with LCT and MCT carrier oils; by improving the bioavailability of our Raspberry Coconut, Mint & Lime and Piña mocktails, we’ve made it easier for them to be absorbed by the bloodstream. 


For your first taste of Little Rick drinks, browse our online shop today. Our drinks are available in packs of six, 12 and 24, so whether you’re trying our mocktails for the first time or you’re a loyal customer, we’ve got something for you. What are you waiting for? Grab yours today! 

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