How to Create the Perfect CBD Gift Hamper

If you’re trying to find the perfect present for the CBD-enthusiast in your life, how about putting together your very own personalised gift hamper? Gift hampers can be packed full of thoughtful gifts and treats, from bath bombs to food items, and with the festive season upon us, there’s no better time than now to get creative.


Whether the lucky recipient of your gift hamper is well aware of the benefits of CBD or you simply think they should relax more, consider our top tips for creating a truly memorable present.


Make it personal

When you’re creating a themed gift hamper, it can be tempting to purchase every fitting item you see. However, it’s more important to find gifts which your loved one will actually use and benefit from. For instance, if you’re creating a hamper for a true foodie, you’ll want to find CBD-infused foods and drinks for your loved one to try. 


Fun CBD-infused gift ideas include:


  • CBD oil
  • CBD-infused foods, including sweets, cookies and cakes
  • CBD-infused drinks, including mocktails, tea and coffee
  • CBD-infused moisturisers and beauty creams
  • CBD-infused candles.

Write notes explaining each gift


One simple yet effective way to personalise your gift hamper is to write notes explaining the gifts you have chosen. This will show your loved one just how much thought and effort you’ve put into the gift, and if they haven’t used CBD-infused products before, will help them understand the benefits of the items included. 


You could make your notes even more personal by writing exactly why you chose the products. For example, if you’ve included CBD-infused drinks, you could write a little note to explain how they are blended for relaxation and how you think they’d be an ideal post-work treat. 


Don’t forget about decoration!


A hamper should be more than just a basket filled with gifts. To really impress your loved one, make sure you focus on the decoration, too! Begin by lining your chosen hamper with green tissue paper and tying a ribbon around it. For a creative twist on the modern hamper, you could also arrange your gifts in a basket produced with hemp fabric. These can be re-used time and time again and are also very in-keeping with the theme! 


If you’re creating a CBD-themed gift hamper for a loved one, don’t forget to include a selection of Little Rick cocktails. Infused with the highest legal limits of CBD, CBC and CBG, our delicious cocktails provide a refreshing and relaxing alternative to alcohol, making them the perfect beverage to enjoy after a long day. 


Fill your hamper with Mint & Lime, Raspberry Coconut, Pina or a combination of all three fruity flavours for a truly unique present and let your loved ones into our CBD secret. For more information, check out our online shop today. 

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